January 7th-14th

Hello, and welcome to East Anglian Heritage Highlights. Our goal is to bring you History-based information and news from around East Anglia. So, if you’re interested in expert talks, special events and information about Record Offices, this is the place to bookmark.

January can often be a lean month, and a dull one too. But never fear, we have a list of talks and information to keep you going. Information below the cut.


The Ipswich Record Office has been in the process of modernising their building, forcing the closure of the popular Microfiche and Education rooms. Both rooms are re-opening this month with their new, updated surroundings. The telephone system has been updated too


Those interested in the spooky side of things may be interested in Suffolk Ghosts and Hauntings  on the 12th of February.


There is an open day at Haverhill Library, with Tom Doig speaking about Wills and Probate at 11, followed by help with your own family history.


We’re sorry to have missed the ‘Witches in your Ancestry’ talk – it sounded interesting. However there is still time to find out whether your forebears were serving with Wellington.


The Norfolk Family History society is running a number of talks in February, and have a stand at the ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ fair.


Speaking of the ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ fair, our very own Gill Blanchard will be speaking there this year.

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